Tuesday 24 May 2022

Joy's Journey

When she hears about a magical paradise where wishes come true, Joy sets off to find it…

Joy's Journey by Jacinta Farragher, a beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture book, follows Joy as she travels through beaches, forests and mountains over four seasons, meets an assortment of animal friends, and discovers her own bravery, strength and resourcefulness… ultimately learning that the joy is in the journey, and the most precious thing you can find is yourself!

“Joy’s Journey is a delightful tale from start to finish”

- Norah Colvin, Readilearn

“Joy’s Journey is an uplifting story of adventure and discovery, both literally and figuratively as well as the empowering realisation that the ability to achieve your dreams is within you”

- Elise Ellerman, Reading Opens Doors

“Joy’s Journey is a story of self-discovery and gratitude with an ability to capture the hearts, minds and souls of readers of all ages. Recommended for adventurers of the outside world and the one within. What a treasure!”

- Romi Sharp, Just Write for Kids

Joy’s Journey is available to purchase from online and physical bookstores, and at www.jacintafarragher.com

Teachers’ notes and activities are available at www.jacintafarragher.com/teachers-notes/ and www.justkidslit.com/life-lessons-for-joys-journey/

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