Monday 6 June 2022

A Very Special Moon Mission

A Very Special Moon Mission by Rebecca Fung, illustrated by David Allan (Christmas Press) PB RRP $13.99 ISBN 9780645378801

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

Phoebe and Elliott are space-mad best friends but Julia, the unpopular new girl at school, has tagged along with them on a visit to the local Space Station. There they meet the three astronauts competing to be the first woman on the moon, and they’re also introduced to the magnificent rocket known as The Obsession, and its know-all computer, IMP. But when they start the rocket accidentally, and IMP malfunctions, the adventure takes a real turn for the unexpected. Even though a moon mission is great, the problem is getting back to Earth.

This chapter book for readers aged 7 to 10 years is lively, easy to read, and well-designed with quality paper. It is frequently illustrated with black and white and grey drawings and should be enjoyed by young readers interested in space adventure.

The author has been published in Christmas Press anthologies and has previously published a Christmas Press book, Princess Hayley’s Comet (illustrated by Kathy Creamer). David Allan has also illustrated numerous books for Christmas Press: his work is in private and public collections, and he has exhibited artworks in both solo and group shows.


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