Wednesday 29 June 2022

Clarice Bean Scram!

Clarice Bean Scram! by Lauren Child (HarperCollins) PB RRP $17.99 ISBN 9780008541484

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

Clarice Bean is an irrepressible, eccentric child whose quirky voice comes out loud and clear from each of the books in which she appears. She has an older brother Kurt, older sister Marcie (who steals batteries out of other people’s torches), and a younger brother called (for some obscure reason,) Minal Cricket, with whom she shares a bedroom. Clarice says she always needs to talk, ‘but I often wish there was more listening and less talking back.’ Someone who listens is her granny who lives in New York and with whom Clarice has long phone conversations.

For Clarice, lately nothing seems to happen. Except for sometimes. There is one day in the holiday that begins as a nothing day, and then everything happens. Absolutely nearly everything. The unforgettable witty and charming Clarice finds herself escaping the danger of boredom when she meets a dog which will not scram!

As with all the Clarice books, the pages are skillfully designed with type font of different sizes, and black and white – and sometimes coloured – illustrated pages. The book looks good enough to read, and it is! Ideal for the children aged 8+ years who enjoys reading lively, good-hearted, easy-to-assimilate books.

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