Wednesday 1 June 2022

It Fell from The Sky

It Fell from The Sky by the Fan Brothers (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books) HB RRP $24.99 ISBN: 9780711270657

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

When something drops into the garden, the insects agree that it is ‘the most amazing thing they had ever seen’. The next morning, Spider convinces the other garden inhabitants that the ‘Wonder from the Sky’ had fallen into his web, so it rightfully belongs to him. He begins to charge more and more for a glimpse of the wondrous object. Soon he is ‘wealthy beyond imagination’ but very lonely as insects no longer visit him. Then there is an ‘Unexpected Disaster’ – a giant creature steals the Wonder. Spider comes up with a plan to catch more Wonders as they fall from the sky, but this time he allows his friends to enjoy the items for free.

A whimsical narrative that navigates the vast gap between greed and generosity, It Fell from The Sky will appeal to nature-lovers aged four to seven. Simple language celebrates curiosity and sharing, and gently censures selfishness. In the end, young readers are left in no doubt that the greatest wonder of all is benevolence.

Incredibly detailed illustrations draw kids deep into the world of the insects. Light and dark shades weave webs of texture across the grayscale spreads, while colour calls attention to the unearthly elements: the Wonders that plunge from the heavens, and the leaves that become currency in the Spider’s capitalist scheme. Only when Spider chooses community over consumerism do rich hues drench the entire scene.

Eye-catching and entrancing, It Fell from The Sky brings massive themes down to a mini level that is ideal for littlies. It is sure to be read with relish time and time again.

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