Friday 1 July 2022

Little Ash Chapter Book Series

Little Ash Perfect Match
#1 by Jasmin McGaughey & Jane Goodwin with Ash Barty (HarperCollins Children’s Books) PB RRP $9.99 ISBN 9781460769

Little Ash Friendship Fix-It #2 ISBN 9781460762776

Little Ash Tennis Rush #3 ISBN 9781460762783

Little Ash Goal Getter #4 ISBN 9781460762790

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

Australian tennis superstar Ash Barty teams up with Jasmin McGaughey and Jane Goodwin to bring young readers this illustrated chapter book series about school, sport, friendship, and family. In Perfect Match, the first book, Ash has a problem: what sport should she choose to play in the year ahead? She’s tried karate, softball, netball, and gymnastics. But none of those sports give her that tingly feeling, the one where you know it’s something you’ll absolutely love to do. Ash tries numerous sports until she decides on tennis.

In Friendship Fix-It, Ash can’t wait to play tennis with the big kids at school. But when her best friend James’ big school project breaks, Ash must decide whether to help him fix his project at lunchtime or play the game she loves. A real dilemma, but friendship wins.

In Tennis Rush, it’s the day of the tennis tournament and Ash is so excited to compete. However, there’s trouble with Ash forgets her favourite hat, there’s a flat tyre, and it seems she will ever get there. Will Ash arrive in time for the big match?

Goal Getter shows Ash loving her sport, but when she loses the lunchtime touch footy math, it sends her into a spin. What if she can’t win anything ever again? Will she quit sport for good?

These are slim books with short chapters, illustrated with black and white pictures. They would suit a tennis-mad child aged 7+ years.

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