Friday 22 July 2022

Scorpion Falls

Scorpion Falls by Martin Chatterton (Ford Street Publishing) PB RRP $18.95 ISBN 9781922696090

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

Fourteen-year-old Theo is having a hard time reconciling the peculiar happenings in his hometown lately. He admits that nothing noteworthy usually happens in the small mining town of Scorpion Falls, but things have recently changed. Theo is convinced that he has witnessed the disappearance of two teenagers, which has him most unsettled. In addition, a creepy man is staying at the local motel where Theo works after school, not to mention Theo keeps seeing a mysterious white van around town. Theo and his girlfriend Ari are on a mission to piece it all together.

Scorpion Falls is an intriguing young adult novel narrated in the first person by the teenage protagonist, Theo Sumner. It is suitable for readers who enjoy spine-chilling stories with mystery and suspense.

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