Friday 26 August 2022

Four up in Lights

Four up in Lights by Sophie Masson and Cheryl Orsini (Christmas Press) PB RRP $13.99 ISBN: 9780648815471

Reviewed by Kellie Nissen

Third in a series of delightful chapter books for younger readers, Four Up in Lights picks up where Four On The Run and Four All at Sea left off, except this time, instead of being captured or stranded at sea, the location is much more glamorous. A movie set. Surely nothing could go wrong again.

The ‘four’ are Maxie, Flash, Fergie, and Lady, best friends who also happen to be vintage vehicles – two cars, a motorbike and a tractor. They’ve already been through a lot together and are super excited to not only have the chance to become ‘heroes with horns and headlights’ in the movie but to also star alongside the famous Daredevil and her sidekick, Storm.

However, trouble and adventure always seem to follow the four friends, even to the movie set. First, Grey Nurse, a scary-looking submarine-car, emerges from the lake. Then, in the middle of the night, the four friends are woken up by a cry for help. Grey Nurse and Daredevil have both disappeared without a trace.

Award-winning author of over 70 books, Sophie Masson has clearly had a lot of fun creating these four endearing characters, putting them in all sorts of trouble and helping them find their way out with plenty of chuckles and adventure along the way.

Cheryl Orsini’s fun illustrations bring the characters to life and capture both the tension and celebration of the story as it unfolds.

Perfect for young readers, aged 5–8, Maxie, Flash, Fergie, and Lady once again demonstrate the importance of friendship and the joy of adventure. With a hot-wheeling pace, Four Up in Lights will keep readers engaged and wanting to read the story in one sitting. 

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