Tuesday 27 September 2022

PD McPem’s Agency for Mysterious Mysteries: The Puzzling Pet Parade


PD McPem’s Agency for Mysterious Mysteries: The Puzzling Pet Parade by Anna Battese, illustrated by Ruth-Mary Smith (Yellow Brick Books) PB RRP $11.95 ISBN 9780645218015

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

PD (Penelope Delores) McPem has her trench coat, trilby, and magnifying glass ready. It’s the day of West Bay Primary School’s Pet Parade and the budding detective is anticipating a ‘mysterious mystery’ to solve with her trusty dog, Scooter. She’s hoping to show everyone how clever Scooter is and is already anticipating a ‘Best Pet’ prize.

Miss Hartnett’s Year One class have all brought along their pets for the day - a kitten, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a parrot, and more. However, much to PD’s disappointment, it’s not Scooter that is making an impression on her classmates. A new student and her quartet of circus-performing rhinoceros beetles have everyone delighted and intrigued.

PD soon has more than her envy to deal with when two of the pets go missing. She now has a mysterious mystery to solve but her beloved ‘Assistant Detective’ Scooter is one of the missing pair!

The Puzzling Pet Parade is an entertaining tale for independent readers aged 6 to 8 years old. A scattering of delightful monochrome illustrations helps to break up the text for young readers. The Puzzling Pet Parade is the second case in the PD McPem’s Agency for Mysterious Mysteries junior fiction series. The first case, The Recorder Racket, was released earlier this year

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