Monday 3 October 2022

Meerkat Christmas

Meerkat Christmas by Aura Parker (Puffin Books) HB RRP  $19.99 ISBN978043777229

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

Hip hooray! It’s Christmas Day! For ten meerkats it’s time to play. In rhyming couplets, a story is told of each of the meerkats as they celebrate. One is dressed as a reindeer, another is doing tricks, one is even lighting up the Christmas tree. All the meerkats are wearing sweaters numbered one to ten which would help a small reader learn his numbers. Finally, the ten animals create a human pyramid (shaped and decorated with electric lights) so they look like a Christmas tree. However, one of the meerkats sneezes and the whole of them topple (‘Meerkats falling down, down, down! CRASH! Giggling, laughing, rolling around.’)

This simple story is accompanied by lively illustrations including the opening fly pages which show meerkats on assembly lines preparing gifts for children at Christmas and on the closing pages showing meerkats around a Christmas tree and enjoying a lunchtime feast.

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