Sunday 16 October 2022

The Violet Veil Mysteries: A Case of Misfortune

The Violet Veil Mysteries: A Case of Misfortune by Sophie Cleverly (HarperCollins) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9780008517601

Reviewed by Nikki M Heath

In the second instalment in the Violet Veil Mysteries series, Violet, and her sidekicks (canine and human) are swept up in a new mystery involving missing jewellery and an uncanny fortune teller. Will Violet be able to save the day again?

The setting, with its Victorian England feel, allows scope for exploration of themes of female education and vocation as Violet attempts to capitalise on the recognition she gained by solving the mystery in the first Violet Veil Mysteries novel, A Case of Grave Danger. This, together with her ability to sense spirits of the dead, prompts her to launch a private investigation business.

Her first client job results in her becoming involved in a much more complex, threatening mystery than she had bargained for. But, as well as having imminent danger and paying clients to contend with, Violet is challenged to turn her focus on herself, as she discovers what it means to be a good friend.

This is a fantastical, feminist Sherlock Holmes for readers 9 and up who enjoy a fast-paced, adventurous mystery.

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