Tuesday 18 October 2022

Willa and Woof – Birthday Business

Willa and Woof – Birthday Business written by Jacqueline Harvey, Illustrated by A. Yi (Puffin Books by Penguin) PB RRP $12.99 ISBN 978171043321

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine

Willa and Woof: Birthday Business is book two in the Willa and Woof series. In it we meet Willa, a determined and independent young girl along with her best four-legged friend, Woof, an albino wolf hound. Together they take readers through a fun and heart-warming tale of friendship, family, and community.

Willa along with Woof and her best same-age friend (Tae), discover it’s her neighbour’s birthday, her best old-age friend Frank. Frank is having a ‘BIG’ birthday and despite him not wanting any fuss, Willa decides he simply must have the best surprise party ever because ‘Everyone loves parties,’ right?

But planning runs into hurdles and Willa loses her most secret diary. She panics but when her friends and neighbourhood galvanise behind her, everything comes together.

Readers will also be delighted with the charming black and white illustrations by A. Yi that are sprinkled throughout its pages.

This series is recommended for early junior fiction readers aged from 6 to 8 years. Book one Mimi is Missing is currently out now and book three, Grandparents for Hire is expected in January 2023.

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