Thursday 26 January 2023

Friday Barnes Last Chance

Friday Barnes Last Chance by RA Spratt (Puffin Books) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9780143779247

Here is yet another book in the Friday Barnes’ popular, bestselling detective series for readers aged 9+ years. Previously, Friday and her friends Melanie and Ian have just solved the mystery of a major European art smuggling operation. The suspects were handcuffed to a bench, awaiting their transport flight back to the mainland.

This is when Friday discovers someone stole the famous painting the Mona Lisa. Yes, it was over 100 years ago, but a recently uncovered letter reveals that the thief forged a copy. This means that the painting in the Louvre now is a fake. And the real Mona Lisa could be anywhere!

Friday Barnes, girl detective, needs to find the truth – and the genuine painting. This time she’s going undercover as an art student, along with her partner-in-crime-solving, Melanie, and her staggeringly good-looking boyfrenemy, Ian.

As they watch the comings and goings of France’s most famous art gallery, they see some very strange things. Amid digital pickpockets, guerilla graffiti and projectile perfume, Friday soon discovers that the Paris art scene is a hotbed of crime.

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