Friday 31 March 2023

Bigfoot and Nessie: The Art of Getting Noticed

Bigfoot and Nessie: The Art of Getting Noticed by Chelsea M. Campbell & Laura Knetzger  (Scholastic Australia) Graphic Novel Paperback RRP $12.99 978176129970464

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Bigfoot’s having trouble fitting in with his family who all adore attention. Much to the disappointment of his mum, dad, and sister, Big Foot can never quite get himself into a picture no matter how hard he tries. When he meets Nessie who is also trying to escape the spotlight, they explore creative things that make them happy. This is a story that celebrates both friendship and creativity.

Bigfoot longs to be famous like the rest of his family, and Nessie just wants to escape the paparazzi. When the two of them meet, worlds collide, and adventures ensue.


Chelsea M. Campbell’s humour shines in this entertaining graphic novel. The theme is so relevant because everybody wants to fit in and still be true to themselves. Being in the spotlight and on social media is a big part of our world. How little or how much you engage with celebrity and social media is up to you. It’s important to know that not everybody is comfortable with it. Underneath all the banter this is an important message shared in this novel. The authentic dialogue creates the story pace and gives the illustrations plenty of room to engage with the reader. I don’t know what I’m going to do. What if…what if I’m not like you guys? Not everyone’s meant to shine.


The language used is perfect for the readership and each character’s voice is distinct. I like how things that the reader might not know are explained. So, Nessie, is that short for something?  The character banter works well with questioning and answering. So that means you’re… You’re the Nessie? I didn’t want anyone to know! I… I have to go!


Laura Knetzger has created vibrant illustrations that sing on every page. I really love her free use of colour; it pops. The characters have loads of expression and movement and the illustrations flow smoothly as in a movie. The double page spreads without text are full of detail and give lots of story and character information by themselves. My favourite double page spread of Bigfoot and Nessie creating chalk art around a fountain is so joyful and happy. Knetzger has zoomed in and out with perspective to create a story world that is believable and engaging.

Bigfoot and Nessie: The Art of Getting Noticed is a graphic novel that’s great for children 7-9 years. It will appeal to both children, families, and schools. This is the first book in an exciting new series.

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