Tuesday 27 June 2023

Birdie Lights up the World


Birdie Lights up the World by Alison McLennan, illustrated by Lauren Mullinder (EK Books)

Birdie believes she is the chosen one who lights up the world every night with her song. When the sky lights up without her one evening, she feels confused until she realizes her true purpose.

In this sensitively illustrated story, featuring a cast of zoo animals, Birdie the penguin has a special role to play. Until one day she gets sick and discovers that perhaps her role was not as important as she thought. She and her friends discover that the world can light itself up at night without Birdie’s song. Birdie begins to question what her purpose is. She tries to learn the jobs the other animals do, without success. She feels lost and confused — until her zoo friends help her realize her true purpose.

Parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers will all want to gift or recommend this book. It’s for everyone, but especially for any child who has been told they are good at something and then feels the weight of responsibility to take lessons and compete, and to be the best. 

Alison McLennan is a Brisbane-based children’s author. She has published picture books, a graphic novel and her first junior fiction series will be released later this year. Alison is also a professional voiceover artist, singer and actor. She has two gorgeous teenagers and two adorable fur babies.

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