Sunday 2 July 2023

Hello Twigs: How Are You Feeling?

Hello Twigs: How Are You Feeling? by Andrew McDonald & Ben Wood (Hardie Grant) Paperback, Junior Fiction, Graphic Novel RRP $9.99 9781761211997

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood have created a captivating new funny series for kids. Hello Twigs is a graphic novel series for young readers. Each book is 48 pages with full-colour illustrations and simple text that can be read aloud. The stories follow a group of twigs and one stump as they explore creativity, nature, emotions, and friendship. Heart and humour are at the core of every book. The world is big when you’re a twig!

Hello Twigs: How Are You Feeling? sees the Twigs and Stump expressing and showing their different feelings with each other. Stump is sad because he still wants to be a part of the big tree. He tries to find ways to be with the big tree which is his happy place. He discovers that with his friend’s new and happy experiences can be found. Who doesn’t want to experience a twig hug?

Mc Donald is the author of the bestselling Real Pigeons junior fiction series. He gives much insight into feelings by using sentences that speak directly to the heart. He shows that voicing feelings is empowering, and that your friends can help you. Oh, dear, Stump. That doesn’t sound good. ‘What feeling?’ asks Red. The language used is simple and impactful. But Stump sighs. ‘I feel NOT GOOD!’ He plods off. The verb choices and questioning help take the reader right into the heart of the story. His characters’ use of questioning shows young readers questions they too can use. I think because the characters are brave readers can be inspired to be brave, too. I love, love the message that it’s okay to cry. Stump cries, but that’s OK. It’s good to let your feelings out. 

Wood’s bright, expressive illustrations create such emotion and story strength. He is the other half of this award-winning best-selling team. We read that Stump cries but when Wood shows how Stump cries and how distraught he becomes, the message is so much more powerful. Wood’s images masterfully show the extent of the characters feelings. I love the visuals of Stump and the Twigs rolling together down an epic hill. It is pure joy.

Hello Twigs: How Are You Feeling? is an early reader for kids six years and older. Friendship is important to this age group and this story celebrates friendship. The text reads aloud super well and it is engaging from start to finish which makes this series perfect to read alone or to share. Parents and teachers will love these books as much as the children.

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