Tuesday 25 July 2023

They Hate Each Other

They Hate Each Other by Amanda Woody (Hodder & Stoughton) PB RRP $22.99 ISBN 9781399719148

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

Jonah Collins and Dylan Ramirez have nothing in common except their mutual disdain for each other. Unfortunately, they cannot avoid one another as they are part of the same friendship group, and their best friends are dating. Jonah refers to Dylan as the ‘Prissy Prince’ and thinks he is moody and snobbish. Dylan thinks Jonah is loud, attention-seeking and annoying. Their friends see differently and maintain that Jonah and Dylan are perfect for each other and keep insisting that they would make a great couple.

After a party at Dylan’s house, word gets out that Jonah woke up in Dylan’s bed. Even though the situation was innocent, their friends start to talk. To get everyone off their back they plan to ‘fake date’ for a few months then break up, so that everyone will let go of the idea and stop nagging them. However, when Jonah and Dylan start spending time together, they both realise there is more to each other than meets the eye.

They Hate Each Other is a young adult novel that would appeal to readers who enjoy ‘enemies to lovers’ storylines. It is written from both Dylan and Jonah’s perspectives, in alternating chapters. Themes include friendships, dysfunctional families and LGBTQIA+ relationships. There is a content notice at the start of the novel listing its heavier themes, including child neglect, PTSD and panic attacks, a parent with alcoholism, and physical abuse.

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