Saturday 5 August 2023

Scar Town

Scar Town by Tristan Bancks (PenguinRandom House) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9780143791812

Seven years after Old Scarborough was drowned, an old house is emerging from the rapidly receding lake amid the worst drought in history. The novel begins when twelve-year-old Will Haddon and his twin friends Dar and Juno (known as J) dare each other to explore it. There they find a safe full of money and human bones. Their mission to identify the body reveals secrets that will rewrite the history of their town and the story of their lives.

When Will was five, his dad, a young cop, went missing just days before Old Scarborough was drowned beneath a man-made lake for a hydroelectric scheme. Old Scarborough’s residents were promised new houses, jobs, tourist dollars and a fresh start, but hardly any of it materialised. Neither did Will’s dad. And he’s not the only person to go missing from this bad-luck town: there is a total of nine missing people. Will, Dar and Juno are forced on a dangerous journey to discover the truth in a town that wants the past to stay buried.

Scar Town is a brand new thriller from the bestselling author of Cop & Robber, Two WolvesThe Fall and Detention. It is likely to be of interest to readers aged 10+ years.

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