Sunday 13 August 2023

Superhuman Army: E-Boy 5

Superhuman Army: E-Boy 5 by Anh Do (Allen and Unwin), RRP $15.99 Middle Grade ISBN 9-781761-065668

Reviewed by Susan Hancy

It’s a futuristic world and Ethan (E-Boy), Penny (an artificial intelligent robotics scientist) and Gemini (Penny’s AI robot creation) need to evade Agent Ferris and his army of androids to find and protect the Grapes of Atlantis, a mythical power source -- although, Penny knows the grapes are not a myth. She already has possession of one grape, entrusted to her from her former oceanography professor, and she’s used it to power Gemini. When Gemini, who is increasingly taking on more human characteristics as he learns and adapts, taps into in his internal power source, the precious grape powering him reveals the clue to the location of the other 99 grapes. With E-Boy directing Gemini’s super physical abilities through his own mental ability to tap into and control systems, along with Penny’s wits, the trio race to stay ahead of their foe to prevent the grapes from falling into the wrong hands. 


E-Boy is a fast-paced and easy-read chapter book interspersed with illustrations by Marcelo Baez to bring Ethan, Penny, Gemini and their opposition to life, well-suited for kids aged 8 plus. It’s the fifth book in the E-Boy series which, on its own, provides enough context to understand the plot and leave you waiting for the sixth book to find out what happens next. Fans will want to read this series from start.

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