Monday 25 September 2023

Emma Memma Craft Book

Emma Memma Craft Book by Emma Memma (Puffin) PB RRP $9.99 ISBN 9781761341823

Reviewed by Kathleen Condon

For those who don’t know (and this reviewer didn’t), Emma Memma is a children’s entertainer whose love of dance, sign language and music brings visual communication to the forefront of children’s media space. Her publicist says she is empowering the next generation through movement, creativity, and friendship. Her debut album 'Emma Memma' has recently been nominated for the Best Children's Album of the year by Major Minor Music Australia. And she has published two other books for children: a sticker activity book and another with the title ‘How Are You?’

Her latest book offers a range of craft activities for children aged 5 to 9 years, although most instructions would need a good reader (or a guiding parent) to follow them. Some of the activities invite the child to cut out (or pull out) the book, and there’s even an activity which involves collage in the book itself. There are 16 different craft activities from flower pressing to making a whirling wheel to ‘Twirly Tuesday Twirlers. Each activity has a section titled ‘What you’ll need’ followed by a series of steps needed as one progresses through the activity. As well, there is a picture of the finished object. The instructions are clearly written and easy enough to follow.  

As well as activities presented by Emma Memma, there’s also activities presented by Elvin Melvin, Memma’s co-performer, for example a rainbow collage and a flying (green) plane.

Other craft activities include ‘Pebble People’, ‘Paper-Plate Waffles the Wombat’, and 'Butterfly Clips'. Also included in the book is a page of fun facts, another titled ‘Spot the Difference,’ and, too, the book’s users are invited to collect material from nature.

This is a handy, creative user-friendly book sure to help young people pass many happy hours. 

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