Tuesday 19 September 2023

Pow Pow Pig: Snow Action

Pow Pow Pig: Snow Action
by Anh Do, illustrated by Peter Cheong (Allen & Unwin) PB RRP $15.99 ISBN: 9781761068928

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera 

In this fifth instalment of the Pow Pow Pig series, the time machine drops the Z Team into a very chilly landscape: the North Pole. They discover that two of Santa’s reindeers have been kidnapped, and his sleigh has disappeared, too. Pow Pow Pig, Kung Fu Duck, Cha Cha Chicken and Barry the Goat get straight on the case, interviewing suspects and following clues. They soon discover who the culprit is – but can they catch him as he escapes on the flying sleigh?

Anh Do’s fast-paced story barrels along like a snowball gathering speed down a steep mountain. Cool quips are flung at readers from left and right, and most of them land smack bang on the funny bone. Kids aged six to ten will adore the antics of the animal characters, as well as every hair-raising minute of page-turning turmoil.

Peter Cheong’s angular, black-and-white illustrations add a sharply humorous edge to the tale. They glide into and around the text with ease, helping to both animate the action and split the paragraphs into easily digestible chunks.

Successfully skating the fine line between giggles and groans, Pow Pow Pig: Snow Action is stone cold stupendous. Middle-grade readers will plough their way through this pun-tastic book in no time.

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