Tuesday 3 October 2023

Ginger and the Vegesaurus: Pea-Rex Rollercoaster

Ginger's Big Day Out

This board book is based on the hit TV series and is probably aimed at children aged 3+ years who need encouragement to eat their veggies. Two of the characters are dinosaurs - the giant Broccolisaurus, Ginger the Tricarrotops and the baby Pear-Rexes, Minty, Wasabi, and Split. When Ginger sees a herd of Broccolisaurus, he’s overcome with fear that they’re so huge. But Wasabi and Minty launch straight onto a giant Brocco’s head and slide down its neck.

However, Split hasn’t followed his fellow Pea-Rexes: he’s scared! Kind-hearted Ginger encourages him to play and have fun. A baby Brocc has never seen a Pea-Rex before, and she’s scared. But once again Ginger comes to the rescue! ‘You can do it!’ he says, encouraging the baby to approach him. Soon both are smiling, and Ginger, Minty and Wasabi cheer for their new friend. By the end of the book, all the Pea-Rexes are laughing and playing on the rollercoaster which is the giant Brocco.

Here is a board book with the themes of making friends and learning to overcome fears. Each page is broken up into sections, and the illustrations are computer-generated. The book, of course, will need to be read aloud to small children.

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