Monday 9 October 2023

Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems

Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems by Xavier Bonet. Allen and Unwin 2023. Paperback RRP $16.99. ISBN 9781761180354.

Reviewed by Debra Williams

Graphic novels have become increasingly popular, to encourage reluctant and struggling readers. Lily Halfmoon is a junior fiction graphic novel, delightfully illustrated throughout. When Lily starts a new school, mysterious things begin to occur, and it is discovered that she has magical powers. With the aid of new friends and the librarian from the Royal Library of Magic Studies, Lily must develop her skills, training in the ways of witchery. Each student at the Royal Library’s training school receives a gem, which they must learn to use, tapping into the stone’s power. The students also need to find their animal guardian.

Lily and her friends must protect the people of Piedraville from evil, which is made especially difficult by the appearance of a fierce creature which is on the loose. Can Lily, with the assistance of her friends, find the gem’s special power and stay out of the limelight?

Lily Halfmoon: The Magic Gems is suitable for readers aged 7-11.

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