Friday 13 October 2023

More Wild and Wacky Adventurers

More Wild and Wacky Adventurers

This madcap book with two humorous and fast-paced stories is co-authored by husband-and-wife team, Bill Condon, and Dianne Bates. It is illustrated by Cherie Dignam and published by IP Kidz.

Here are the stories:

‘Hardnut Hannigan and the Jewel of the Jungle’ 

Harold Hannigan’s parents knew their baby was different when he fell out of his cot and landed head-first on the floor. He was unhurt, but the floor had a very large dent in it. From that day on, Harold was known as Hardnut Hannigan.

Hardnut amazed the world with his extraordinary deeds; he climbed Mount Everest, without an oxygen mask; won an Olympic marathon; swam the English Channel – underwater – and much, much more! But now, at the age of 12, he had run out of adventures to challenge him. Then he read about a long-lost, incredibly precious jewel in the remote and deeply dangerous jungles of Mongo-Wongo. Many a daredevil had tried to find this fabled treasure, and all had failed. That wasn’t going to stop Hardnut! With his faithful emu Thunderbang and his beloved pooch, Itchybutt, he set off on the greatest adventure of his young life! Would he ever find the Jewel of the Jungle? And even if he did, would he live to tell the tale?

‘Captain Offensnotty and the Giddi-Giddi Zombies.’

Get set for a rollicking adventure with Captain ‘Potty Dotty’ Offensnotty and the crew of the Concrete Slug!  Not far into the voyage the crew discover that their captain is sneaking off at night to her home sweet home, which she has secretly towed behind the mother ship. While the crew has to survive sleeping fifteen to a bunk, their crafty captain lives a life of luxury, nibbling chocolates and watching television! Enraged, the sailors stage a mutiny, but before they can reach their captain, they first must get past her cat – which is very big and mean.  They face a fierce feline battering, but it gets even worse for them, because next, the hapless crew are attacked by a sailor-swallowing sea serpent! Can they possibly survive? Perhaps, but even if they do, there is one more terror awaiting them - the ferocious flesh-eating Giddi-Giddi Zombies!


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