Sunday 1 October 2023

The Lost Library

The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead and Wendy Mass (Text Publishing) PB ISBN 9781922790477

When a mysterious little free library (guarded by a large orange cat) appears overnight in the small town of Martinville, eleven-year-old Evan plucks two old books from its shelves, not suspecting that his life is about to change.

Evan and his best friend, Rafe, discover a link between one of the books and a long-ago event that the adults don’t want to talk about. The two boys start investigating the mystery. What they find will transform the town.

Told in turn by a ghost librarian named Al, an aging (but beautiful) cat named Mortimer, and Evan himself, The Lost Library is a timeless story and choosing the life you want and the power of a good book.

Targeted at children aged 9+ years.

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