Wednesday 8 November 2023


Patience by Robert Vescio (IP Kidz), RRP $26.00 Picture Book ISBN 9-781922-332769

Reviewed by Susan Hancy

Patience is a big, fluffy, enthusiastic dog who follows her owner everywhere. Told from the point of view of the owner who starts out as a young girl, she and Patience are best friends and have similar characters. Most of the time they are the complete opposite of patient. They find it difficult to wait for their turn, they can’t stand still, they knock others over or tie them up in knots with Patience’s leash. But they come as a package with other very positive characteristics and, as they grow together, they also learn from each other.


With few words and expressive illustrations by Krista Brennan, much is conveyed. We get a clear sense of the carefree yet busy nature of the girl and the dog, oblivious to how their behaviour is impacting others. We can also interpret the story from two points of view: is the narrator talking about the impatient traits of her dog or about herself?


I read this with my hyperactive son and the underlying message was clear to him: that good things can come with a conscious effort to slow down and be patient. This book is targeted for preschool, but may also be useful to read with slightly older kids who could benefit from a reminder that patience has its rewards.

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