Thursday 16 November 2023

Warning! These Jokes will Annoy Everyone you Know

Warning! These Jokes will Annoy Everyone you Know. (Penguin Books) PB RRP $9.99 ISBN9781761346194

Why are skeletons so calm? Nothing gets under their skin. Who did the zombie take to the party? His ghoul-friend. What do you call a dinosaur that refuses to take a bath? A stink-o-saurus. These are just a few of the over 600 jokes in this 250-page book of jokes, and two tongue twisters.

There are fifteen headings of different types of jokes, from school jokes to food jokes, even ‘Criminally Bad Jokes’ (such as What do you call an empty bank? A crime scene.) There are even knock knock jokes (such as Knock, knock, Who’s there? Frank. Frank Who? Frank you for being my friend.)

Each joke is contained in a rectangle with clear writing, and the page is decorated with small black and white illustrations.

This is the ideal joke book to give to any child with a sense of humour, or to any father (dad jokes).

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