Monday 25 December 2023


by Trevor Todd and David P. Reiter, illustrated by Steve Page and Yasmin Page (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd) HB RRP $26.00  ISBN 9781922830227

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

Woody (the canary) is upset because he heard from Magpie that all his feathers are going to fall out. In a panic, Woody seeks out Sir Humphrey (the parrot) for comfort. Together they approach Magpie to find out why she would say such a frightening thing. Magpie informs them that she heard the news from Lyrebird. When they demand an apology from Lyrebird, he advises that he heard the information from someone else. As the story about Woody’s feathers has now spread, Lyrebird suggests that they go to the wise Owl to help make sense of it all.

DISinformation is a picture book with full colour cartoon illustrations that would appeal to an early primary school audience. It is the first book in the upcoming Woody and Sir Humphrey series.

‘Disinformation’ can be distinguished from ‘misinformation’ when the false information is deliberately spread and intended to hurt or mislead. The focus of this narrative would have been clearer if the culprit’s intent or reason to deceive was made explicit.

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