Wednesday 28 February 2024


Maura Pierlot holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in philosophy, specialising in ethics, and has worked as an ethicist in various capacities. She wrote Alphabetter (Affirm Press) to encourage families to make ethics part of everyday conversations. Maura believes character education helps children develop into ethical, responsible, and civic-minded individuals, equipping them with skills to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and integrity.

Alphabetter presents fun, realistic scenarios and thought-provoking questions that encourage children to grow in their mindset, while assisting parents, caregivers, and teachers in navigating tricky conversations about morals and ethics.

Maura says, I wanted to write a book that could be used as a resource for this important journey. It’s vital that young readers can see themselves on the pages, so I aimed to devise scenarios that children could relate to both as a concept and in action. Character development starts at an early age and by starting conversations around ethics and morals as soon as possible, we give children the best chance to grow into good and kind people. Using real life examples that embody positive traits, Alphabetter presents easy-to-understand concepts in a holistic manner that helps children to explore who they are, and who they would like to be, in a safe and supportive manner.'

Alphabetter can be used as an educational resource by parents to start conversations around morals and ethics. One of the best ways for children to build positive character traits – such as loyalty, tolerance, gratitude, and resilience – is to not only understand what the traits mean, but to experience them in practice. As parents/caregivers are the main role models that children will look up to, what choices adults make in everyday life will model to the child which ethics are important.

Alphabetter focuses on character-building as the foundation for ethics, based on Aristotle’s theory of virtue: choosing the right course of action comes from habit – the more we display good character traits, the more second nature they become. Alphabetter can be used as a tool to present elements of agency and choice, and active learning.


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