Friday 15 March 2024

Artezans: The Forgotten Magic

Artezans: The Forgotten Magic by L.D. Lapinski (Orion) PB RRP ISBN9781510110090

For the last 400 years, magic has been fading...

Edward Crane has always feared he won't have any magic at all. Sure, he's part of a powerful magic Artezan family, but he's adopted. His twin sister, Elodie, isn't so worried, but then everything always seems to work out perfectly for her.

So when Ed discovers he does have an Artezan power after all, he's relieved. And it's more than he ever could have imagined - in fact, it's a dream come true.

But the problem with dreams is that sometimes they twist themselves into nightmares. And with Ed's new abilities growing by the day, there's a chance that this nightmare will become all too real...

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