Friday 19 April 2024

Some Families Change

Some Families Change by Jess Galatola. Illustrated by Jenni Barrand. EK Books 2024. Hardback PB. ISBN 9781922539670. RRP $24.99

Reviewed by Debra Williams

Everybody’s family looks different. And over time, situations can change for many families. These changes can bring an emotional toll on children, with a range of difficult feelings to navigate. The family unit may not always be as it was: the author covers single-parent families, those with two mothers or fathers, split families, families that merge and other situations.

This book, beautifully illustrated, covers the wide range of emotions that children can experience during alterations in the family structure. They need to understand that it is okay to feel worried, upset, confused or uncertain about the changes, and adjustment to different circumstances can only happen with time. The author has done a great job of covering and explaining these various situations and emotions, assuring children that no matter what happens within their particular family structure, they are loved and cared about. She helps them to understand about the shift in circumstances and navigate their big feelings, to find their own place in the world, with the diverse ways that can mean being a family. There is reassurance for the child/ren that whatever has occurred, it is not their fault, and encouragement to share their feelings with somebody to begin the healing process.

Jess wrote this book after her own family unit changed in 2020, to help her boys understand and adjust to the changes that the situation brought.

This book is recommended and suitable for children aged 4 -8 years.

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