Saturday 13 April 2024

The Making of a Monarch

The Making of a Monarch by Linda Shmith is a photographic, non-fiction book of the life cycle of the Monarch or Wanderer butterfly. It is a useful resource for teachers, parents, and grandparents to share with young children to be able to see closeup detail of the metamorphosis of a butterfly’s lifecycle. The benefit of macro-photography means that you will see detail that you will not see with the naked eye. Preschools and librarians in schools use it when teaching the lifecycle section of the curriculum. There are few words on the page as the photographs are the star of the book. You may see a preview on my website where there is an online shop and a ten-minute video of other butterflies and their host plants in my garden.

I made this video for Sophie Thomson’s Open Garden talk during Covid because Shed Talks were cancelled. There are links to other resources at the back of the book and a Teaching Resource Pack available at the online shop that includes a Butterfly Garden design. The monarch is a big, beautiful, and easy butterfly to observe and as a retired preschool teacher I have happy memories of seeing the excitement on children’s faces when the butterfly emerged. Also, engaging children in nature has boundless benefits. This information is then transferrable to many other butterflies endemic to your area.

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