Saturday 29 June 2024

Meow Town Book #1: Kitty Adventure

Meow Town Book #1: Kitty Adventure by Rebecca McRitchie (Scholastic), RRP $9.99 Junior Fiction ISBN 9-781761-298851

Reviewed by Susan Hancy

Kitty Adventure is the first book in a new series called Meow Town by Rebecca McRitchie, author of the Meet Ella series. When my 7-year-old daughter heard this, she was eager to read it. The book introduces us to kitty cats Bella, Margo, Pickles and Abby Tabby. They’re the best of friends, but have very different characters. Bella loves adventure, Margo loves shopping for pretty, sparkly things, Pickles is a collector and Abby Tabby loves to sleep. The colourful illustrations by Erin Hunting accentuates their respective charms.

Bella convinces her friends to go on an adventure to the Mud Woods at the far edge of Meow Town – a place they’ve never been. But a pair of mean, hairless cats eavesdropping on their conversation place doubt in their minds by warning them that they might be nibbled by foxes that have been sighted in the area. Regardless, Bella presses on with her plan and urges her friends to get themselves ready.

Bella discovers that her friends are extremely disorganised and are taking far too long to pack. Too impatient to wait, she heads off on the adventure by herself, but ends up lost. To find her way home, she learns about the importance of patience in friendships and how to play the mean cats at their own game.

My daughter’s verdict? She fell in love with the four fluffy heroines and can’t wait to read book #2!



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