Monday 10 June 2024

Talent Quest: Smarty Pup 4

Talent Quest: Smarty Pup 4 by Anh Do, illustrated by Anton Emdin. Allen & Unwin 2024. Paperback Junior Fiction Graphic novel. ISBN 9781761069857 RRP $16.99

Reviewed by Debra Williams

Lily and her super talented canine sidekick, JJ, want to buy the perfect birthday present (a new drill), for Dad, but haven’t been able to come up with enough money between them. What to do?

An opportunity arises in the format of a school talent quest. The cash prize on offer is just what they need to purchase Dad’s drill. However, with the categories of Public Speaking and Dance off the menu, they are left with the singing category….and this is where the difficulty begins! JJ is advanced at many things… (why, even cake making)! … except singing! When he accidentally breaks a tooth, it seems as though all is doomed. Or is it?

Brightly illustrated and peppered throughout with “Dad” jokes, Anh Do has created a wonderfully funny tale of persistence, working with what you have and teamwork. Even though the singing may not win the day, there is a surprise offer awaiting the two friends, which will surely please Dad.

The book comes with a wonderful 3D cover and a bonus sheet of stickers in the back. This will be enjoyed by young readers aged 8-10+ years of age.

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