Sunday 7 July 2024

Secrets of the Water Meadow


Secrets of the Water Meadow by Dawn Meredith

All her life Freya has been told that the havfruer of the deep, green fjord are dark angels who lure children into the water and drown them. But Freya is certain that if she sings a havfrue to the shore, they can be friends. To her surprise and joy, it works! Family secrets come to the surface too, making all the adults upset. Freya’s sister Lisbet suddenly becomes angry and depressed holding in a secret of her own. And so Freya seeks comfort and advice from Lorelei, her havfrue friend, that no one else has seen. When someone she loves falls into the cold waters and is in danger of drowning, can Freya really trust this mysterious, oddly beautiful creature to help? Or will Lorelei choose the darker side of her nature?

Set against the magnificent backdrop of Strandafjord, in Norway, Secrets of the Water Meadow is an evocative, rich world where the senses are tingled and love is deep as the fjord itself. No matter what conflict simmers in the Askvold family, the ties are strong and the patience to persist in healing wins out.

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