Wednesday 10 July 2024

Superheroes for A Day

Superheroes for A Day by Craig Cormick. Illustrations by Lauren Mullinder. EK Books 2024. Paperback Middle-Grade novel RRP $16.99. ISBN 9781922539977

Reviewed by Debra Williams

Kids on the edge. Kids who are different. Kids who don’t seem to “fit in.” But just the same, they have much to offer by seeing the world in individualistic ways.

Children with autism have brains that are wired differently. Often seen as “uncool” due to their quirky ways and actions, the world can be difficult to navigate, especially socially. The author of this book has a son with autism, an avid reader, who told his dad there were not any books out there who feature “kids like me.” So, they have teamed up to create a a fun and fast-paced story. Craig’s son is the storyteller and Dr Craig the scribe.

The sports teacher has lost the spare key to the sports shed. In fact, it’s not only lost, but is discovered mangled. He’s already lost the original key. This can only mean one thing: endless maths instead! Oh no! What can be done?

Enter Max, Daniel and Natalie. Each one has unique abilities which they turn to superpowers to unite and find a solution to the missing key dilemma. Using senses such as heightened memory and attention to detail, they set out on a quest to find a replacement key among the hundreds of lost keys sitting in a bucket.

This book seeks to normalize the experience of autistic children. In making them heroes, there is insight into their perspectives and personal experiences which is fun and engaging. This is a story which is sure to resonate with many young readers in the 8-12 age group.

Dr Craig Cormick OAM is the author of over 30 books for adults and children, several of them winning awards. Based in Canberra, he is a member of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. The illustrator, Lauren Mullinder has a degree in Visual Communication.

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