Book Review Policy

Buzz Words Books is the book review supplement to Buzz Words, the e-magazine for people in the Australian children's book industry. All reviewers are volunteers with a love of literature and a particular passion for children’s books. Reviewers aim to critique books honestly and fairly so that readers and book buyers can make informed decisions.

There is no cost to authors or publishers to have books reviewed.  If you would like your book to be considered for review please read and respect the following guidelines:

  • Unless BW has a well-established arrangement with you, you must request a review prior to sending the book.
  • BW will contact you if we wish to receive the book. Please do not send follow-up emails.
  • BW gives no guarantee that a book will be reviewed, solicited or not.
  • Reviewers will not acknowledge receipt of books.
  • Books sent for review will not be returned.
  • If a book cannot be reviewed for any reason, no review will be posted.
  • Reviews may take six months or longer to be posted.
  • Under no circumstances are authors to contact reviewers.
  • Selected reviews are featured in each fortnightly issue of BW. Selection is at the discretion of the publisher and no correspondence will be entered into. Links to other titles posted on BWB will also be included in BW.
  • Once a review is posted, permission must be sought.if you wish to use it as part of a promotional campaign.
 If you are agreeable to these terms, requests for reviews may be sent to Di at dibates (at) outlook (dot) com

Ensure that requests are succinct and include: title, author and illustrator if applicable, publisher, publication format, price and ISBN. Include a brief description of target audience, a one paragraph synopsis and a link to the book if available.  


  1. Only in Australia? I'm a Dane who sometimes writes in English and I would love to have some of my books reviewed.


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