Thursday 14 October 2010

Thomas & Friends: Thomas, Emily and the Special Coaches

Thomas & Friends: Thomas, Emily and the Special Coaches The Thomas TV Series, based on The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry (Egmont) no reference to the illustrations/pictures
HC RRP $4.95
ISBN 978-0-6035-6521-2
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

It is summer on the island of Sodor. Gordon has set a new record for pulling the Express. The Fat Controller announces a special ceremony to commend his achievements. Emily is sent to bring back two coaches that have been painted to celebrate the occasion.

When Emily stops to take on water, she sees Diesel and tells him of Gordon’s achievement and the coaches. Diesel gets angry, for Gordon is not the only one that has done something special. But Emily rudely cuts him off and hurries away.

Emily arrives at the Yard, but there are no coaches there. Diesel has already collected them. Can she find the coaches and get back in time for the presentation? She races across the island until she sees Diesel coupled to Gordon’s coaches, waiting at a signal. She wants to know why he’s taken the coaches but again, doesn’t allow Diesel to explain. This time Diesel speeds away, angrier at Emily for not listening to him.

Emily goes after him. It is getting later and later. She begs him to stop, but he refuses because she won’t listen to him.

On Emily’s return to Maithwaite Station, the Fat Controller is waiting. After hearing the story, he gets into Emily’s cab and they set out to find the angry engine.

Diesel slows down. He isn’t feeling well. He hides the coaches in a siding but he is found out. While black smoke pours from Diesel’s engine, he accuses Emily of not listening to him. He tells her that he too, has set a record- for ‘shunting more trucks in one day than any other diesel’.

Emily realises that she’s done a great injustice to Diesel by not listening to what he had to say. Later at the presentation, Emily surprises Diesel with a new diesel motor and an apology. She acknowledges two special engines and their efforts.

This story is a wonderful example of how important listening and hearing is to everyone, regardless of age or position in life.

This book is the size of a regular paperback, with a hard cover for easier handling. The glossy pictures share the space with the text on brightly coloured pages of orange, red, blue, yellow and green. Thomas and Emily are on the front cover, smiling as they travel down the tracks together. 

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