Friday 15 October 2010


Torment by Lauren Kate (Random House)
HB RRP $29.95
ISBN 978-0-3856-1809-0
Reviewed by Oliver Phommavanh

Torment is a novel for older readers who have moved on from vampires to angels. While the angel books have flocked to the bookshelves, there hasn’t been one series that has ruled the skies just yet. The Fallen books are trying its best to be the Twilight of the genre. Torment is the sequel to Fallen.

Luce is a girl who’s in love with Daniel, a fallen angel. This forbidden romance has disrupted heaven and has drawn the battle lines between angels, demons and mysterious outcasts. Luce is whisked away to Shoreline, a school for Nephilim, the offspring for fallen angels and humans. Daniel sends her there for protection as he organises a truce between the angels and demons, so they can team up to defeat the outcasts.

As Luce learns about this new world, she discovers that her past lives have also been touched by Daniel. Luce becomes determined to find out why her romance with Daniel is the catalyst for the end times.

Torment improves on the prequel, with a quicker pace. Luce’s awareness of the angels and demons world means that there’s more information about the significance of her relationship. Luce is much more bubbly and bolder. She’s not willing to go with the flow and be content with an angel boyfriend. Torment is at its best when she delves deeper into this paranormal world. Luce’s friends steal all the best lines with some amusing dialogue throughout the story. However, things get hazy towards the end. Readers may forgive the messy ending and forced cliff hanger, knowing that there are more instalments on the way.

Torment is a pulsating thriller with streaks of passionate romance. It’s recommended for ages 13 and up.      


  1. Wow great review, I really have to read the Fallen series. :)

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  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for dropping by Buzz Words Books and I love meeting new people who are into YA. The Fallen books have been very popular. Will check out your blog now!



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