Friday 31 December 2010

Feathers for Phoebe

Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement (HarperCollins)
HB RRP$24.99
ISBN 9780732289195
Reviewed by Chenoa Fawn 

Some books seem to leap off the shelves and into your heart. Feathers for Phoebe is just such a Picture Book. Rod Clement’s cover art is a snapshot of both the personality and predicament of the central character Phoebe. She perches tensely beneath the title, encircled by exotic feathers. This small grey bird is fed up with going unnoticed.

Phoebe consults the beautiful, talented and dramatically attired Zelda. Like all enthusiastic salon owners, Zelda adorns Phoebe with an assortment of feathered accessories. Each visit further transforms Phoebe’s appearance but increasingly constrains her.

Clement leads us on a journey of self recovery with humour and characteristic colour. Kids will love the comic extravagance of Phoebe’s outfit. Former Scouts (and likely all Western adults) will be happily snapped back to childhood when Baden-Powell’s nonsense song Ging Gang Goolie appears in the text. Feathers for Phoebe is thoroughly enjoyable. Suitable for Ages 3 and older.

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