Saturday 1 January 2011

Mademoiselle Lisa

Mademoiselle Lisa by Delphine Perret (black dog books)
HB RRP $14.99
ISBN 9781742031620
Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

Mademoiselle Lisa wins my prize for quirky in 2010. It is so unique that it is hard to pinpoint who the target audience is. Maybe it is everyone, for the book works on so many levels that everyone would find something of interest or amusement in it.

Mademoiselle Lisa is based on the best known of all portraits Mona Lisa, who finds that she is ready for a change. She skips on out (and who hasn't felt like that from time-to-time) and after selling mini-photos of herself, she is able to experience some of the pleasures of life like a LBT (I have to agree totally with her there!) and give herself a makeover with a new cut and colour, bag and boots. You go Girl!

Mademoiselle Lisa follows her whims ultimately heading to Las Vegas, hits the jackpot and sets up a whole new life. There, she meets Sally who 'had always dreamt of being someone else' and so permanently and happily takes on Lisa's old role at the Louvre. Lisa wiles away her time, living next door to her handsome neighbour who has an uncanny likeness to the Titian's painting of Man with a glove!

Perret's illustrations are just as quirky as the text with a combination of line drawings and photography with the occasional patch of dotted colour. I highly recommend Mademoiselle Lisa and it would make the perfect gift for art lovers with everything. They certainly won't have anything like this!

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