Wednesday 9 March 2011

Jim Springman and the Realm of Glory

Jim Springman and the Realm of Glory by Joshua Wright (Scholastic Press)
PB RRP $17.99
ISBN 9781741695632
Reviewed by Dawn Meredith

Jim’s birthday is a disaster. His crazy scientist brother, Fletcher, has just invented a machine that alters reality, changing the world they live in. Suddenly all the worst imaginings of nightmares become true. The strange and unbelievable become everyday and Jim is derided as being responsible. His school disappears, the shops have morphed into witchcraft suppliers. In short, his home of Queen’s port is becoming the fantasy town created by his sister, Ingrid, in her book ‘The Realm of Glory’ – a book he absolutely loathes.

This book has an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel and the plot rolls along comfortably. Fortunately for Jim, his two new neighbours, Ruthie and her sister Josie are ’Realm of Glory’ fanatics. As the world becomes the book, the girls advise Jim on how to tackle the craziness that ensues. Is Mrs Abberdaber a child eating witch or just a slightly strange old lady? A goblin called Charles seems helpful, but will he betray them at the first opportunity? Will Zervilleer the firedrake blast them to ash? A fat sparrow the size of a Toyota circles the skies toting a banner from its tail advertising ‘10% off Invisibility Balm…’

It’s a race against time, as the world Jim knows as his own slowly changes permanently into the fantasy world of his sister’s weird imagination. Can he stop it and change it all back to normal or will they all be stuck in the fifth dimension forever? Will big brother Fletcher return home to help save his family?

This is Wright’s first book with Scholastic Press.

Dawn Meredith writes from the Blue Mountains and is a May Gibbs Fellow 2011. You can follow her exploits at 

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