Tuesday 8 March 2011

Piglet and Granny

Piglet and Granny by Margaret Wild & Stephen Michael King (Working Title Press)
PB RRP $14.95
ISBN 9781921504204

Reviewed by Jenny Mounfield

First released a couple of years ago in hardback, this companion to CBC Notable Award winners: Piglet and Mamma and Piglet and Papa is now available in the more affordable full colour paperback.

Piglet loves nothing more than hanging out with Granny. Whenever Granny visits they have the best fun. But one day Piglet waits and waits and there’s no sign of Granny. While Piglet performs a number of feats Granny taught her, such as wobbling along walls and rolling down hills, a number of curious friends pass by and ask Piglet what she is doing.  ‘I’m waiting for her to visit,’ is Piglet’s stock response. After much waiting, and playing, Granny does, of course, come, and when she does she has a surprise in store for Piglet.

It’s easy to see why Wild has won numerous awards for her books. With such linguistic treats as this she is set to win many more:

‘Although Granny was soft and squishy, she was as lively as a family of leaping frogs. And she had such good ideas for things to do.’

King is no stranger to awards either. Most recently, Pocket Dogs Go On Holiday (Margaret Wild), Perry Angel’s Suitcase and Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle (both by Glenda Millard) have all attracted attention. In Piglet and Granny his illustrations are as always a perfect accompaniment to Wild’s narrative. His use of muted colours and a gentle style lend a wonderful innocence to the text. And as in all good picture books, the illustrations add an extra layer to the tale: As Piglet rolls and wobbles and leaps about, a succession of other small animals mimic her in the background.

Piglet and Granny is a timeless story that explores the special bond between children and their grandparents. A true delight, its success lies in its simplicity. Already a favourite of many children and grandparents, Piglet and Granny is set to win over many more fans with its second release. Highly recommended. In 2009 Margaret Hamilton awarded Piglet and Granny five stars in Bookseller & Publisher.

Jenny Mounfield is the author of three novels for kids: Storm Born (Koala Books), The Black Bandit (Lothian) and the recently released, The Ice-cream Man (Ford Street Publishing). She lives in north Brisbane with her husband and three children.

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