Wednesday 13 April 2011

You Are My Special Baby

You Are My Special Baby by Carol Chataway & Danny Snell (Working Title Press)
HB RRP $24.95
ISBN: 978 1 921504 18 1
Reviewed by Jenny Mounfield

There is no greater bond than the bond between mother and child. In,You Are My Special Baby this is demonstrated with a selection of Aussie animals: dingo gives her baby kisses, koala gives hers a hug, and fruit bat will be there for her child even when things turn upside down.

Only seventy words from start to finish, this title relies heavily on its illustrations. Each animal is beautifully crafted and posed in such a way as to infuse the reader with a sense of togetherness and love. Muted background tones of pink, blue and green convey a sense of peace.

You Are My Special Baby is the perfect bedtime book to read to children from birth. With so few words young minds won’t have time to wander, and the text is simple enough to serve as an early reader for school-age kids.

With a background in education, Chataway has authored a number of books for children: The Perfect Pet (Working Title ‘04), Wings (Lothian ‘04) and Edwina Sparrow, Girl of Destiny (Lothian ’07).

Snell’s illustrative works include: Whose Tail is That? (written by Christine Nicholls), which earned him a Crichton Award short-listing, the bestselling Notable Book nominated, Bilby Moon (Margaret Spurling), and Emily Rodda’s, The Long Way Home.

Jenny Mounfield is the author of three novels for kids, her most recent title being: The Ice-cream Man (Ford St). She has been reviewing for Buzz Words since ’06, and for The Compulsive Reader since 2010. 


  1. I did not hear of this book. But I do believe that this is also a better book for babies. Thanks for your post.

  2. It's amazing how authors and illustrators can keep bringing us new ways at looking babies. Thanks for visiting Buzz Words Books.


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