Thursday 14 April 2011

Long Live Us!

Long Live Us! by Edel Wignell, illustrated by Peter Allert  (IP Kidz)
HB RRP $26.00, ebook $13.00
ISBN 9781921479465
Reviewed by Margaret Warner

Take one greedy troll, add a group of Goodies: three bears, three pigs, one princess and frog prince. Add a group of Baddies: Goldilocks, a hungry wolf, a wicked witch and add Jack’s giant for good measure. Mix them up in a fractured fairytale and you end up with a riotous tale told with quirky humour about Goodies and Baddies and crime and punishment. Readers will realise by the end of the tale that a story without baddies would simply be ‘dreary, deadly-dull’.

This is a wonderful read-aloud story that can be dramatised and thoroughly enjoyed by reader and listener. Readers will love the he rhyme and rhythm of the language…’The witch is a crone –all string and bone. But the Princess and her Guy will be yummy as pie.’

Peter Allert’s illustrations are vibrant and full of humour. They entice the reader to check for small details that reveal more about the characters and scenes.
Primary students who are already familiar with all the characters in the book will thoroughly enjoy their new and unexpected adventures.

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