Thursday 28 June 2012

Mosquito Advertising: The Crunch Campaign

PB RRP $16.95
ISBN 0702239399
Review by Jo Burnell

Katie Crisp is seriously into advertising and not much else, but her mother forces her to realise there's a lot more to the world and living.

Katie's Mum falls in love with her boss who is raising four young children on his own. The Prime Minister flags a ban on junk food in her efforts to reverse childhood obesity and Katie's worst nightmare begins.

Not only does Katie have to contemplate sharing her house with four little siblings, she has to face the possibility of and a world without the soft drink company that began her passion for advertising in the first place.

Katie is an annoying, opinionated teenager who simply doesn't see other people's points of view, but she does have some redeeming features. Her single minded focus is the thing that gets her into trouble. This same characteristic somehow manages to help her save the day as well.

Although the dialogue was a little too life like, I was caught up in the tale of the Crunch Campaign. What could possibly happen to allow a happy ending?

Can Katie cope living anywhere else than the home she has known all her life? Can Mosquito Advertising continue if there is no longer a tree house office to hang out in? What about the advertising ban? Is there a realistic way to reduce childhood obesity without banning junk food ads?

Read on if you want to know. It's worth it. Old characters continue their quirky ways while new ones insist you either love or detest them.

There is no sitting on the fence when you get involved in Mosquito Advertising.

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