Wednesday 19 September 2012

Under a Silver Moon

Under a Silver Moon Under a Silver Moon by Anne Fine (Walker Books)
PB RRP $13.95
ISBN 9781406319248
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Anne Fine has created a delightful moral tale of two boys born at the same time; one rich, one poor. The story tells how Prince Haroun, the Sultan’s son and Heir to Throne, and Akil, son of a kitchen servant and a gardener, played together in the scented gardens of the palace. But too soon it was time for Haroun to learn his Princely duties, and for Akil to learn gardening skills under the supervision of his father.

But everything was done for the Prince. The only thing he was allowed to do was feed himself. This became his sole occupation since play was forbidden, until he was too fat to move and pain and boredom was all he experienced. Meanwhile, Akil grew strong and sturdy outside in the fresh air, working beside his father.

A hooded stranger dares to approach the royal family with an unusual suggestion and a solution is finally found to rid the Prince of his pain and boredom.

Illustrator Lotte Klaver has created black and white pencil images of the characters and their activities that complement and accentuate the text. This is a compact chapter book, but one that carries a great tale and a worthwhile lesson for children. The attractive cover is presented in sky blue, with silhouetted images of the two boys in a darker shade of blue, sitting together under a sliver moon.

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