Tuesday 2 April 2013

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle written and illustrated by Axel Scheffler (Nosy Crow)
PB RRP $12.99
ISBN 978-0-85763-078-0
Reviewed by Ann Harth (www.annharth.com )

It’s a rainy day and Pip and Posy have to play inside. But that’s okay, because best friends have fun wherever they are. They take their babies for a walk, build a town and pretend to be lions.

Pip is so busy playing, he forgets to use the toilet and a little puddle appears. Posy lets him borrow some clothes and they play a bit more. Pip doesn’t forget the next time. He uses the toilet all by himself!

The Little Puddle is part of a series of Pip and Posy picture books for the very young. Life can be a challenge when you’re 2 or 3. In this series, Axel Scheffler portrays the joy of friendship and the troubles of toddlers with a gentle touch and satisfying resolutions.

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 will identify with these lovable characters who go through the same struggles any toddler does. Scheffler’s vibrant illustrations and simple language will appeal to young children as they are invited to share Pip and Posy’s often familiar experiences. An additional feature of the Pip and Posy books is the free audio reading. It can be accessed by scanning the QR code inside the front cover with a smart phone.

Axel Scheffler was born in Germany but now lives in London. He is probably best known for his beloved classic, The Gruffalo which has sold over 2 million copies all over the world. Although he has received many awards for his work, the first award he ever received for his artwork was a cuddly purple cow. For more information on Axel Scheffler and Pip and Posy, please visit http://worldofpipandposy.com/axel-scheffler.

Ann Harth is a published children's author and writing tutor at Australian College of Journalism. She loves to read and is committed to creating children's literature that inspires, entertains and triggers a tiny twist in the mind. Her latest middle-grade novel, The Art of Magic, was released in 2012. 

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