Wednesday 20 November 2013

Somebody’s House

Somebody’s House by Katrina Germein, illustrated by Anthea Stead (Walker Books)
HC RRP 27.95
ISBN 978912720338
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Katrina Germein’s rhyming verse perfectly captures the joy and energy of childhood within its bouncy, rhythmic text that can be read or listened to with equal pleasure.

Who lives in the houses? What do they do? From one brilliant coloured house to the next, suggestions are made then visually displayed using vibrant illustrations that occupy the whole page. The active characters move about on the page in full play mode. They run, swing, and question who and what of the world around them while the text includes the reader in the search for answers.

This is Anthea Stead’s first illustrated picture book. She has captured the essence of Katrina Germein’s words in her imaginative and expressive artwork. The melding of the two talents serves to create a production representing life and wonder. The fine lines of the plants on the fly pages that join the bold strokes of the pavement with a soothing soft green are an excellent contrast to the strong multi-coloured covers.

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