Tuesday 19 November 2013


Shimmer by Jennifer McBride and Lynda Nixon (Fremantle Press)
PB RRP $ 14.99
ISBN 9781922089434
(Also available as an eBook)
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Kora is a genie of royal birth. She is banished to earth for her own protection due to the empire Genesia’s warring with a powerful enemy, the half human- half genie, Vennum.

She lands in Western Australia and is immediately ‘harnessed’ by teenager David. Being at someone else’s command doesn’t sit well with the headstrong, wilful and spoilt Kora.

David is an indifferent and irresponsible character. His father was killed in Afghanistan and his grief is still alive inside him. Because his father’s body was never found, he still believes he may be alive.

These two characters play out a battle of wills amidst the chaos of secrecy. Lots of backstory and excellent dialogue reveal David’s and Kora’s family history. Drastic circumstances convince them to join forces to bring down Vennum so Kora can return home. But David has a price for this agreement. Here the pace increases dramatically. Kora and David evolve as characters, and twists in the tale take the reader on another course.

These two Western Australian authors have joined to create a great read. It has all the elements of an absorbing fantasy tale, with time-travel, portals, globes, genies and lots of treachery, adventure and excitement with an amazing climax.

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