Friday 26 September 2014

The Chronicles of the Knights of Katesh Book 2: The Summoning of The One

The Chronicles of the Knights of Katesh Book 2: The Summoning of The One by Royce Bond (Morris Publishing Australia)
PB RRP $20.00
ISBN 9780992505202
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Andy was just a teenage boy going to high school, forced to face his bullies daily, until the day the eagle with the black talons came to him. Now he has the life essence of the knight Methelgin inside him and he has become a Knight of the First Order of Katesh. He has gained great powers and fighting skills. He is believed to be The One that the warriors have been waiting for.

A long and dangerous quest begins for Andy. Maligor the wizard must be defeated, and the orb of power reclaimed in order to save the known universe.

But Andy’s transition from school boy to warrior holds other adjustments to those of simply tapping into and using his new abilities. His role as leader is one of great responsibility, especially after he learns the secrets regarding his lineage. Although he is determined to honour the role thrust on him, can he succeed when nothing and no one is ever what it seems? Especially Princess Katarin, the wind walker.

Royce Bond has created a fantastic world. Its characters and settings, the enemy demons and unnatural species that he has designed with great imagination thrill and excite. Powerful, courageous and intelligent female characters blaze their way through an action packed storyline, with battle scenes equal to a Hollywood movie.

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